Friday, August 16, 2013

Writing Update for 8-16-2013

It's been a while so I thought I'd give everyone an update!

NOT QUITE HOME (2nd book of the Anderson series following CICADA SONG)

The writing and initial editing is finished and the book is currently in the hands of the proofreaders. I should have all those back by September 1st which is when I'll compile everything they have to say and make whatever changes I feel is best for the story. Once that process is finished, I'll probably give it one more read through (or more if it is warranted) before pitching it to agents.


While waiting for the proofreaders to finish Not Quite Home, I've decided to jump ahead to my next project: the sequel to The Adventures of Flitter & Plank. I have started writing this book, and with an upcoming 12-day stay-at-home vacation coming up starting next week, I should finish this book extremely quickly. My goal is to have it written with at least 2 rounds of edits by the end of August. The book was tentatively titled The Temptation of Flitter, but I think I might change that. We'll see.


This is still available as an eBook, but the paperback is on hold. It is currently being considered by Little Roni Press, so I don't want to move forward with the paperback until I hear back from them. Wish me luck! Do note, if they do decide to take on the book, the eBook will be dropped so that we can put together a more professional novel. If anyone's been waiting for this one, now's the time to get the eBook because it might not be there long.

In addition to that, and depending on whether Little Roni Press takes on this book, my goal is to quickly finish Flitter & Plank 2 so that I can begin writing Refuge Book 2 (the sequel of From the Ruin of Extinction).